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They say, "We CAN'T
find talented Black business
professionals to hire."

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But... They CAN'T find
what they DON'T look for!

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Catapult Leaders Matches
Outstanding Black Mid-to-Senior level
managers, Junior Military Officers,
Early-Career, and Intern talent
with America's Best Companies.

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Catapult Leaders specializes in
Engineering, Supply Chain,
Computer & Data Science, and
Marketing & Advertising talent

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I’m a Black college student (or recent grad) and I want to get a great job in the business world. How do I get started?

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I’m an employer and I want future leaders for my company. How do I get started?

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College Career Services! Let us help you get your talented students great jobs in Corporate America. There’s no cost. Let’s chat.

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About Catapult Leaders

We connect talented Black college students with top companies looking to hire their future leaders.

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We have major companies who want to add outstanding, experienced executives to their management pipeline. Contact us now HERE!

Catapult Leaders delivers top young talent for top businesses.
The Problem - Catapult Leaders

Corporations repeatedly assert that they have been/are unable to find talented Black college & grad school graduates  for key entry-level jobs…


The Solution - Catapult Leaders

Catapult Leaders uses a proven 7 step process to solve the Problem of Corporate America being unable to find and hire talented Black college & grad school graduates


Never Again Hear - Catapult Leaders

To NEVER Again Hear A Top Company Say, “We Can’t Find Them.” N-E-V-E-R   A-G-A-I-N!


Our Mission - Catapult Leaders

Get talented Black college & grad school students the very best jobs that match their interests, skills, preparation, and potential with the needs of top companies.  By understanding…


Why Catapult Leaders?

Catapult Leaders is America’s Leading Engineer, Supply Chain & Marketing Recruitment Agency specializing in Matching Black Mid-to-Senior Level, Early Career, and College Intern Talent with Top Companies.

  • Catapult Leaders successfully introduces America’s top companies to our nation’s top Black college graduates.
  • Catapult Leaders has perfected the process of attracting and the in-depth preparation required for these talented, ambitious, accomplished college graduates to succeed in the business world.
  • Catapult Leaders has streamlined the process by which progressive companies can source, interview, hire, and retain these young leaders.
McKinsey & Co. Research shows that more culturally & ethnically diverse employee and management teams correlate with better performing companies.

Catapult Leaders attracts talented college & grad school students who are Black and who are highly motivated to pursue a career in business with top companies. Click Here to learn more.

Catapult Leaders begins with specific job & personality profiles provided by corporate clients, along with our unique 3-Phase Student+Company Matching System™.  Click Here to learn more.

Our Career Catapult Development & Success Program™ is completed by all Student-Candidates, enables us to know these achievers on a personal level, prepares them to interview at our Hiring Conferences, and assists their transition to Corporate America. Students spend an average of 16 months in our program.  Click Here to learn more.

“Catapult Leaders’ service is unlike any other with its proprietary selection process and focus. Every time I want to interview someone for my company, Catapult Leaders will deliver outstanding African American men and women. That’s why I became their client!”
John Peoples - Advisory Board Catapult Leaders

“Catapult Leaders would have accelerated my career from the start and made a strong run even smoother. It would have put my career on steroids!”
John C. Peoples – Fmr. Vice President Global Western Markets – Merck Consumer Care

George Stone - Catapult Leaders

“There is misalignment between what employers are seeking and what students think employees are seeking. Catapult Leaders has developed a proprietary system that guides students to successfully enter and thrive in the best corporations.”
George W. Stone, Ph.D. – Professor of Marketing

Natalie Hurks 200x200

“Catapult Leaders does 5 very important things for Black college students and top companies.” *Click Here to see the 5*
Natalie Hurks – Vice President – Global Fabric Enhancers Innovation – Procter & Gamble

Dwain Celistan - Catapult Leaders

“I wish Catapult Leaders had been around when I was in college. It would have opened my eyes to more possibilities in the world of business. It brings added-value to the college experience. Catapult Leaders prepares you for success in Corporate America.”
Dwain Celistan – Executive Vice President, Global Diversity Practice Leader, DHR International

We could not help change the world for the better without clients who hire for these entry-level management roles:


Catapult Leaders wants to help you build your pipeline of talented managers. Our focus? Highly talented Black mid-to-senior level managers, early career, and college interns who are in the Engineering, Supply Chain, and Marketing space.

Darryl L. Mobley, President & CEO of Catapult Leaders, would be delighted to speak with you about how you can raise your company’s talent level and leverage the amazing power of diversity by optimizing your recruiting efforts. 

Use the form at left to submit your info and we’ll be in touch shortly. You can also call us at 480-666-5525.

If you are a College or Grad School Student or from the  College Careers Office, please contact us HERE.