Advice to Job Hunters from Catapult Leaders

My Strong Advice for Job Hunters Who Really Want that Great Next Job

I have had candidates miss out on fantastic job opportunities lately for what I consider to be self-inflicted nonsense.

Why did they lose out after going through multiple rounds of grueling virtual and in-person interviews?

Because of poorly written email communications.

That’s right.

They could not put together a grammatically correct, well thought out, error free email communication to their potential employer.

Who is going to hire a Project Manager, or Salesperson, or Vice President, or member of the Executive Leadership Team , or… who can’t communicate clearly? Not me!

This is a problem I am seeing more and more; and not just among entry level candidates who may not have the perspective to know that they are being judged at every step of the hiring process. I am seeing this among seasoned veterans.

Please know that everything you do during the hiring process is being judged. Every phone conversation, every video meeting, every text, every email, every… everything is being evaluated. It’s all part of the interview process.

Here’s how you WIN the interview process.

  • When communicating with a potential employer – whether it’s by text or email – you should keep it professional.
  • You should save all the cutesy abbreviations and slang for your friends. 
  • Lastly, you should spell check all of your communications – even if you think you’ve spelled everything correctly. I’ve seen some embarrassing spelling errors.

I hope this is helpful to you as you pursue your next great job (and not just the rantings of an Executive Recruiter). Let me know your thoughts by reaching me HERE.


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