Frequently Asked Questions


Look below to get answers to FAQs from students about information on careers, salaries, how you can reach your career dreams, our process, and your next steps.

How can I decide if a business career with a leading company is right for me?

There’s lots of competition for the great jobs in Corporate America. That means that you must be proactive and on top of your game.

  • Listen to one of our podcasts: “Want A Great Career in Corporate America? Here Are 10 Things You Need to Know” or hear it in person on one of our webcasts as early as possible to find out which opportunities could be waiting for you.
  • Secondly, start reading books about business.
  • Schedule a FREE Professional Growth Potential Assessment. (This happens automatically as you are applying to Catapult Leaders.) Our experienced team will help you determine how your academic accomplishments, extracurricular achievements, and other skills will translate to Corporate America and what types of job opportunities you qualify for.

How much money can I make in Corporate America?

The salary you get depends upon many factors, such as the type of position, your education/credentials, cost of living, prior experience, and (importantly) your interviewing skills.

Many of our corporate clients also offer variable cash compensation (bonus) in addition to your base salary that is dependent on individual and company performance. Most of our corporate clients also offer truly valuable benefits such as healthcare insurance, 401(k), education assistance and much more.

For more specific information on how compensation and benefits apply to you, we encourage you to schedule a FREE Professional Growth Potential Assessment so we can speak to you personally and evaluate your salary potential more accurately.

Why should I use Catapult Leaders to make my entry into Corporate America?

  • We care about your success more than any other firm. In truth, your professional success is our mission.
  • We have deep relationships with leading companies that provide you with huge opportunities you may not get elsewhere.
  • The opportunities we represent lead to future top-level management positions with our clients (many FORTUNE 500). If you want to become a leader in Corporate America, then you need to consider teaming up with Catapult Leaders.
  • Our Career Catapult Development & Success Program™ is the best preparation and is based on our leadership team’s unbeatable knowledge of what it takes to succeed in Corporate America.
  • Each of our senior managers has been in your shoes and knows how to win in Corporate America.  Indeed, our senior team has collectively hired, trained, and promoted many college graduates who have gone on to great professional success. See our Leadership’s Bios.

How much will Catapult Leaders cost me?

Catapult Leaders is free to students. Our client companies pay for our services because we significantly reduce the costs of recruiting for them.  Follow-up interview costs after our Hiring Conferences are paid by the company flying you to their location for final interviews.

What if I want to work in a specific location?

Most of our Student-Candidates have location preferences. Catapult Leaders works hard to be compatible with all of your career objectives, and we have a broad array of locations represented at our Hiring Conferences.

The key question is whether location is going to be a go/no-go for you or whether it is going to be a consideration between good opportunities. With the global reach of business today, being too location specific can limit your opportunities and promotions. Global companies want their leaders to be globally flexible.

How early should I start with Catapult Leaders?

Starting early in pursuit of a large life goal is always advised. By contacting us early in your college career, you can:

  • Apply the leadership and business lessons from our program directly to your college endeavors, thereby significantly improving your collegiate academic performance and extracurricular pursuits
  • Learn about business opportunities that could be available to you in Corporate America and what it takes to be successful in the corporate environment
  • Take the specific preparation steps required and develop the additional skills you need to ensure a successful transition to your professional life
  • Enhance your marketability to Corporate America by increasing your understanding of what the business world really wants

As a rule of thumb, contact us when you start thinking about life after college. Our team is here to answer any questions you have. Most Student-Candidates work with us on average the last 16 months of their college career.

Word is that Catapult Leaders is ultra-selective about the students it works with. Is this true?

We are selective because our corporate clients are selective, and this benefits you.

Our client companies, knowing of our selective process and preparation, bring us their high-profile entry-level management positions to fill. They know we work with top Student-Candidates. Our clients know that they can bring us their best career positions and that our Student-Candidates will be prepared to handle them when they graduate.

When you work with Catapult Leaders, you can expect to interview for important development positions that can result in a long-term, successful business career.

What is Catapult Leaders’ “Professional Growth Potential Assessment” about?

The purpose of your initial interview with us, called a Professional Growth Potential Assessment, is to determine your marketability and attractiveness to Corporate America.

We will get to know you by discussing a variety of topics:

  • Your past successes, academic accomplishments, extracurricular experiences, and goals
  • Career paths and salaries to expect
  • What you can do to improve your marketability & attractiveness
  • How you work with others, your leadership skills, ability to solve problems, and record of making things happen
  • Your short- and long-term career goals, and the locations you desire

We get to know every Student-Candidate personally, and this is considered the start of wonderful, life-altering journey for you.

Why should I read/listen to “Black to Corporate America” by Darryl L. Mobley?

We consider “Black to Corporate America” to be a “must read” if you:

  • Want to be successful as an executive in Corporate America
  • Want to have the best shot of getting through the interviews standing between you and your dream job
  • Want to maximize your marketability & attractiveness to Corporate America
  • Want to know why more and more Black business leaders are rising high in Corporate America
  • Want to know how to maximize your academic performance in college
  • Want to learn the tips, lessons learned, mistakes, watch-outs, and success mindsets from Black business leaders who have gone before you
  • Want to learn the secrets from a man who has hired, trained, promoted, and coached executives throughout the Fortune 500 for the past 30 years

How does Catapult Leaders help me prepare for my jump from college/university to Corporate America?

We have perfected the college-to-Corporate-America transition process. And our total focus is on getting Black college & grad school graduates started in great careers in Corporate America.

  • You will immediately start our Career Catapult Development & Success Program™. This self-paced program includes a reading course, self-assessment exercises, group workshops and individual sessions, podcasts, web seminars, live coaching, and other learning resources to help you achieve transition success. It’s individualized to fit your particular needs.
  • We will provide you additional interview and company-specific preparation as well as personal coaching.
  • Following the Hiring Conference, you will work with our Follow-Up Success Team to achieve the ultimate goal of landing you a great career start in Corporate America.

What types of jobs and companies does Catapult Leaders offer to its Student-Candidates?

We offer a broad array of career opportunities because our Student-Candidates have amazingly diverse career goals.

The majority of our clients are FORTUNE 500 companies; however, we also represent many other growth-oriented, privately-held and foreign-owned companies. We recruit for many different positions and career fields where you can launch an extraordinary career.

How much of a time commitment is the Catapult Leaders program? Will it interfere with my college work or activities?

The Catapult Leaders program is self-paced. You have total control over how much time you give the program and when you participate. Most of our material and preparation is provided to you via webinars, podcasts, and pdf downloads. Feedback we have received shows that the average student in our program spends an average of 15-30 minutes each week delving into the material we provide. We do not want Catapult Leaders to get in the way of your college life. After all, we were once college students ourselves! 😉

What is the next step I should take to get started with Catapult Leaders?

Go to our Application Page and complete the Student-Candidate Application. This application will begin your file with us. If you have not already, check out our podcasts: “Want A Great Career in Corporate America? Here Are 10 Things You Need to Know” or watch it on one of our webcasts as early as possible to find out which opportunities could be waiting for you. We look forward to helping you on your amazing professional journey.

Which colleges or universities does Catapult Leaders work with?

We work with any accredited 4 year college or university and with undergraduates, graduate students, and recent graduates.

Do I need to be a straight A student to work with Catapult Leaders?

We admit that getting an A on every class you take is a really good thing. But, we do NOT require the students we work with to be straight A students.

Do I have to accept job offers I receive from companies that interview me at Catapult Leaders' Hiring Conferences?

Students don’t pay anything for working with Catapult Leaders and are not required to accept job offers they receive. You don’t have to accept one of the job offers you get. But, you will want to! These are great companies! 🙂

Does Catapult Leaders work with graduate students?


Does Catapult Leaders work with students who have already graduated from college or grad school?

Yes! We work with recent graduates.

Catapult Leaders’ purpose is to get talented Black college & grad students the very best jobs that match their interests, skills, preparation, and potential with the needs of top companies. Click HERE to see how we do it better than anyone else.