Catapult Leaders Diversity Consultation“Inclusivity Is About Taking Action, Not Mere Words”

Talent recruiters and company executives come to Catapult Leaders not just for a solution to their challenges recruiting talented Black college & grad school students for entry-level positions. They also connect with Catapult Leaders for consultation on creating an inclusive onboarding experience & retention plan for diverse employees.

These progressive companies are ready for the next level of being a great company (one that’s focused on actual solutions to problems), and they want to know what they can do today to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

They don’t just want to bring in Black talent. They also want to cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace that allows all to reach their highest potential.

That’s why Catapult Leaders offers its consultation services to every client-company. These consultation services normally involve a substantial monthly retainer. But, we provide these services to our client-companies at no additional charge because we are committed to a great match between our client-companies and the talent they hire via Catapult Leaders.

We will consult with our client-companies on the following areas, if they desire:

  • How to execute a world-class onboarding process for diverse employees

  • How to set diversity goals that lead to success and energize employees

  • How to get your management team to support the achievement of diversity goals

  • How to make diversity and inclusion a source of strategic advantage in your recruiting process

  • How to strengthen your leadership pipeline so that you increase employee satisfaction & retention, and company sales & profits

  • “Leadership Camp for a Diverse World” aka “How to Get the Most Out Of Your Diverse Workforce”

  • How to ensure that you have an equitable compensation process

  • How to optimize the recruiting, onboarding, training & development, and advancement of diverse talent

  • How to grow a diverse and inclusive workplace

  • How to eliminate the blind spots regarding inclusion that hold your company back

  • For Managers Only: Tips on managing employees who might not look, think, act, or be like you

  • Why Every New Hire Needs A Mentor and How To Make This Happen

  • Better Manager University: How to lead, follow, and make the right stuff happen!

  • Great Leadership = Trust

We provide the above via one-on-one and small group consultation sessions, seminars, and executive coaching.

Talk to us to set-up these consultation services for your company.