Our Solution

Catapult Leaders’ SOLUTION

We find, prepare, and connect the talented Black college & grad students that Corporate America says they cannot find. Click HERE to see Corporate America’s Problem.

1. Catapult Leaders searches across the country to attract talented Black college & grad students who are very interested in careers in Corporate America. We screen these students using our detailed application, our unique Personal Growth Potential Assessment, and our Flipper-Tubman Scale™. We accept into the program those students who we believe have high potential to achieve success in Corporate America.

2. Catapult Leaders uses its proprietary Career Catapult Development & Success Program™ over the course of several months to prepare these students for opportunities in Corporate America. This rigorous program results in Student-Candidates knowing what’s required to be successful during interviews and in the business world. This Program includes deep dives into the specifics of various entry-level jobs. The Career Catapult Development & Success Program is led by high-level executives who have successful experience hiring, developing, and promoting managers in Corporate America, while growing their businesses.

3. Catapult Leaders uses its 3-phase Student+Company Matching System™ that precisely matches Student-Candidates (based on their interests, skills, academics, personalities, goals, and accomplishments) with important entry-level jobs available among our client corporations. We anticipate that each Student-Candidate will be matched with multiple jobs.

4. Catapult Leaders hosts hiring conferences that connect matched Student-Candidates with interviewers from client corporations who have committed to hiring talented Black college graduates for key entry-level management roles (in sales & business development, brand management & marketing, operations, finance & accounting, engineering, project management, hotel administration, software engineering, design, human resources, account management, information technology, logistics & supply chain, advertising, manufacturing, purchasing, quality assurance, research & development, consumer & market insights, business analysis, and consulting).

5. The Student-Candidates interview well and get job offers at a high rate.

6. Students don’t pay anything for working with Catapult Leaders and are not required to accept job offers they receive.

7. Once hired, Catapult Leaders alumni can receive ongoing career coaching.