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Catapult Leaders’ Virtual Hiring Conference Details

Interview amazingly talented Black college & grad school students from the convenience of your own office.

Recent events have highlighted the major Problem that Corporate America has had for more than 35 years. That Problem is their inability to hire meaningful numbers of Black college & grad school students for important entry-level jobs. Catapult Leaders has solved Corporate America’s Problem by finding, preparing, and matching top Black college & grad school students with great jobs in America’s best companies. Our virtual Hiring Conferences connect top Black college & grad school students with our client companies for highly productive interviews.
Here’s how it works:
  • You engage Catapult Leaders to find top college & grad school students – who are Black – who match your company’s needs and job profiles.
  • As part of the engagement, you provide Catapult Leaders with precise profiles of the types of students you wish to hire for specific jobs you have available.
  • Based on your needs, we match exceptional Black students we have rigorously screened and prepared with your specific needs, and prearrange a schedule for you to interview only highly qualified & motivated candidates.
  • You interview several candidates virtually over 1 or 2 days.
For more information on Catapult Leaders’ Hiring Conferences or to discuss your hiring needs, call 480-666-5525 or email us at:
Clients [at] CatapultLeaders.com
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Catapult Leaders Hiring Conferences
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Darryl L. Mobley

“I guarantee you that there are talent diamonds out there waiting for you. Our tailored plan increases the diversity and the quality of your company’s entry-level management talent by recruiting, rigorously screening (which involves our awesome Flipper-Tubman Scale), and preparing talented Black college & grad students. Then our 3-phase Student+Company Matching System™ precisely matches these Student-Candidates with your particular entry-level jobs.” Contact Us.