How Catapult Leaders
Benefits Top Companies

Why Your Business Benefits from Working with Catapult Leaders

Catapult Leaders is focused on matching talented Black college & grad students with your company’s precise needs for each entry level management development position.

Our thorough process selects, prepares, and yields high-potential candidates. Click below for details on why Catapult Leaders is your best talent partner.

We Believe We Can Change The World for the Better by helping to significantly increase the presence of talented Black managers throughout Corporate America

The Catapult Leaders founding team knows that diverse talent is out there and it has been overlooked for far too long. We lean-into this quote from our founder:

“If you want different fish, you have to change where you fish. You won’t catch different people by only looking for them in the same places you’ve always looked for the people who are familiar to you. Talent is not limited to certain cultures, incomes, neighborhoods, or skin colors.”

Catapult Leaders is driven by experienced business leaders with specific goals and a bottom-line, results-driven focus with a clear mandate to make it happen.

We Recruit Exceptional College & Grad Students

We recruit high-potential college & grad students and accept only the top 10-15% of those who apply. These Student-Candidates are leaders with track records of success, focus, determination, problem solving, toughness, self-motivation, academic accomplishment, and learning agility.

Our Thorough Screening Process

With every applicant, we conduct face-to-face behavioral interviews, analyze academic performance, extracurricular activities, interests, and assess their potential for growth into high positions of leadership in business. We spend several hours per student and invest significant resources BEFORE we accept them as Student-Candidates in our program.

We Spend an Average of 16 Months with Each Student-Candidate

We get to know these wonderful candidates as they journey through their college years so that we can best understand their long-term potential. We dig deep to further develop this young talent, spending an average of 16 months with each candidate, getting to know their strengths, challenges, opportunities for improvement, career goals, and who they are as emerging young leaders. No other firm invests as much effort into developing young, college talent.

We Focus on Thoroughly Understanding Your Hiring Needs and Precise Job Profiles

Catapult Leaders understands the Black college & grad student talent base. And, we work with you ahead of our Hiring Conferences to deeply understand the specifics of your openings and the profile of the talent you need so that we ensure the best match between your needs and our Student-Candidates. We know how to promote your best jobs to our Student-Candidates in order to help you attract the very best talent for your important entry-level jobs. Our senior management team has decades of experience successfully developing young leaders who achieve in the corporate world. Catapult Leaders’ founders have themselves succeeded in Corporate America, grown businesses, and developed young managers who have risen to C-Level positions in companies across the country. We know talent!

We partner with you to find talented Black college & grad students who are the best fit for your specific roles and for your company

  • Catapult Leaders has a large, talent pool of Black college & grad students because we reach out across the nation, into every state, with outreach to every 4-year college – in order to find the most motivated, focused, and talented students who are matches for your job needs.
  • We don’t just bring you talented Student-Candidates. We make sure they are the best fit for what you are looking for and what your company needs. Retaining and advancing top talent starts with having the right person in the right role. We get you the “right person.”

We do the legwork to bring top Black talent to you

If your organization is wondering where to find top Black talent, work with Catapult Leaders. We recruit, screen, prep and pipeline Black talent for you. The talent we showcase to you will also have real upside growth potential for future leadership positions.

We will bring positive awareness to your company and brands

Catapult Leaders recruits & promotes at colleges, events, conferences… and will bring positive awareness of your company.

Catapult Leaders’ purpose is to get talented Black college & grad students the very best jobs that match their interests, skills, preparation, and potential with the needs of top companies. Click HERE to see how we do it better than anyone else.