“Ghosting” Reflects Poorly on the Character of Whoever Does it

We had an candidate who received an outstanding offer from one of our amazing clients. Fantastic! As we chatted over the offer she’d received, she mentioned that she had an interview previously scheduled with another company and she was excited because she didn’t need to move forward with the interview since she had an offer for her dream job.

I asked if she planned to let the company she was scheduled to interview with know that she would not be moving forward in their interview process. She said, “I wasn’t planning to. Should I?” My response to her and all the other candidates carelessly ghosting employers is, “YES!”

First of all, this is plain old common courtesy. I’ve heard so many times from candidates their well-founded frustration about long delays in hearing back from companies about positions they’ve applied for and that sometimes they never hear back. Knowing this, why exhibit the same bad behavior?

Secondly, this is incredibly unprofessional.

Lastly, this reflects poorly on the candidate’s character. If a candidate is ghosting a company they don’t yet work for, what other bad behavior are they exhibiting when they think no one is watching?

Candidates need to do the right thing and show class…even when they think no one is watching.

Bonus Reality Check: The farther you progress professionally, the smaller the world becomes. Said another way – You will cross paths with the same professional acquaintances (including hiring managers) again and again and again. Your poor behavior now (“Ghosting”) will be remembered and may be held against you – without you knowing it – many times along your professional journey.

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