Black College Students
+ Catapult Leaders.
The Benefits

How Do Black College & Grad Students Benefit from Working with Catapult Leaders?

You might wonder if the Catapult Leaders process (involving our proprietary Career Catapult Development & Success Program, live coaching sessions, Professional Growth Potential Assessment, Ultimate Resume seminars, “Black to Corporate America” book, “Interview Fundamentals” seminars, mock interviews, company research, Business Leadership Academy, Hiring Conferences with top companies, training podcasts, informative webcasts…) is worth the time & effort it takes — and if you can achieve the same results on your own. Here’s what your journey to the start of your professional career might look like depending upon which approach you choose.





The Journey from College Student to Young Professional

The Catapult Leaders team has incredible experience hiring, training, and launching college graduates into great careers – which means that they can help you reach your goals. Plus, the sole focus of Catapult Leaders is to help Black college & grad students get great, upwardly mobile jobs.

You don’t know what you don’t know about interviewing and being chosen for the position that launches your career. The “right” first job positions you for future success. The wrong first job leads to nowhere. Where are the best opportunities? What about salaries? Quality of companies? What are employers looking for in new hires? If you manage to get an interview, will you know how to prepare yourself to outperform the many other qualified applicants for the job?

Knowledge of How the Business World Works

The Catapult Leaders team knows the business world from A to Z. We know the players, the decision-makers, the best opportunities, what employers specifically want to see during the interview, who’s hiring, which companies are welcoming to talented Black college graduates…We are your window to Corporate America. Perhaps most importantly, we know what you need to do to prepare so that you are the most compelling & competitive candidate when you meet face-to-face with interviewers.

You must try to discover the best opportunities, the best hiring events, the best way to position yourself, how to put together a compelling résumé, whether the jobs you find are “static” jobs (with no growth potential or training for future higher level roles) or “management development” positions (with opportunities to grow as a business leader with increasing responsibility). Then, you will need to try to prepare yourself correctly to interview for these opportunities in Corporate America.

Getting the Right Interview

We will fully prepare you for our Hiring Conference where you will interview with the very best companies over two days. These companies are hungry to find their future leaders.

You will send your résumé to a company and then wait for something good to happen. Good luck with that!

Nailing the Interview

Catapult Leaders has high-level connections throughout Corporate America. Our Hiring Conferences put you in front of each company’s key hiring decision maker, avoiding the gatekeepers. Each company at our Hiring Conference is committed to hiring exceptional, Black college graduates because (1) they want top talent, (2) it will help their business grow, and (3) it’s the right thing to do.

So, you send an application to one of the many online job sites. You won’t know if a real person sees your application. You won’t know their level of commitment to filling the position. You won’t know if the position has already been filled. You won’t know why they rejected you. Bottomline – On your own, you  probably will not stand-out from the thousands upon thousands of other applicants. Most likely, your application will be screened by a robot and you will be pushed to the side.

What’s Best for You,
Now & Later

Catapult Leaders is not just trying to get you any old job. We work to get you into a “management development” position. This is the start of a fabulous career in the business world. One that can take you to your highest professional goals.

On your own, you may get a job somewhere. However, that job might not have the upward mobility you want. Then, you’re stuck in a dead-end job and falling behind your peers.

Making Career Moves

As a corporate executive, Darryl L. Mobley – Catapult Leaders’ founder – became so adept at finding, hiring, developing, promoting, and advising college graduates, that young managers in other departments frequently requested to be transferred to work for him. Indeed, several of those young managers he managed have gone on to become presidents and C-level leaders (CEO, CMO, CFO, CSO, COO) in companies around the country. His ability to help professionals achieve amazing success in the business world led him to become one of the most requested – by top executives – life & executive coaches in America. He knows what it will take for you to get the best opportunity. This is the spirit that infuses Catapult Leaders.

It’s all on you to know everything you need to know to make it happen in the business world. If you’re lucky, you have a close friend with business connections and high-level influence in the field you wish to enter. (After all, this is the advantage that others have had over Black college students for generations.) Truth is, even if you “know someone who knows someone,” they probably don’t have the deep & broad experience that the Catapult Leaders team has to help you make the best decision for you.

The Cost

Catapult Leaders services are free to students. Our client companies pay for our services because we significantly reduce their cost to recruit top talent. 

You pay any costs involved in interviewing and preparing for your interviews.

Catapult Leaders’ purpose is to get talented Black college & grad students the very best jobs that match their interests, skills, preparation, and potential with the needs of top companies.