Will Your Next Job Advance Your Career?

by Catapult Leaders 

will your new job advance your career - catapult leaders


When most people begin their careers and choose their first job, they are not looking to remain in the same position forever. People have dreams of advancing in their chosen field. This is why many people choose jobs in fields that will support their desired career advancement. Some jobs (and industries) are dead ends. These will cause you to stagnant which – of course – is not what you want. When looking for a new job, you need to access whether or not the job and company provide you options for future growth.

Here are 5 ways to know that your new job will advance your career:

1. You think you will love what you do. This might seem like it does not have much to do with the opportunities that lie ahead, but it actually does. The way you feel about your job is very crucial to know how far you can go in your career. If you do not like your job, there is no motivation to advance, even if there may be opportunities for you. When you have a game you do not like, you will not find yourself trying to unlock new levels. When your job does not excite you, you are not curious about the opportunities that lie ahead of you. If you love your new job, then you are more likely to advance in your field. When you are looking for a new job, always keep this in mind.

2. There is a clear and mapped-out growth path. Some companies are intentionally shady when it comes to defining a career path – particularly start-ups. They are not clear about the opportunities that the job can lead to. You need to be wary of companies like these; they want to take advantage of your current skill set, but aren’t thinking ahead about what could be next or best for your career. Good companies do not just look out for themselves; they also look out for their employees by providing opportunities for advancement. If you cannot see a clear, mapped-out career advancement path, then you should tread carefully.

3. The company is moving with the tides. Check the progress of the company. How did they run their operations last year and the year before that? How are they doing on technological advancement? How are they doing when it comes to the current trends in the industry? Is the company playing catch up, or are they right where they are meant to be? These are the things that you should be looking at before you change jobs. You do not want to leave a place that does not make you happy just to move to another place that is going to give you more problems.

4. The company allows employee creativity and expression. From the start, if you see that the job requires you to be a “yes man”, then that should be a huge red flag. One of the things that allows people to advance in their careers is having the freedom to express their creativity and ideas. If the company you are considering creates a mental prison, then there is no way you will be able to advance far in your career. If you join a company like this and decide to leave, you will likely find yourself at a disadvantage because you will probably have lost the ability to think independently in moving the business ahead.

5. The new job provides you a sense of purpose at work. Having a sense of purpose at work is very important. When you have a sense of purpose at your workplace, going to work will not be a drag. You will not feel like your days are wasting away at work. There will be room for advancement because you feel like you are actually achieving something at your workplace. Once there is no purpose, then your job becomes boring and pointless.

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