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Catapult Leaders College Brand Ambassador Application

In our never-ending quest to connect with Black college students & recent graduates who want great, high-paying jobs & internships at top companies, Catapult Leaders is expanding its network and launching social media accounts for every college across the country. Think Catapult Leaders USC, Catapult Leaders LSU, Catapult Leaders Vandy, Catapult Leaders Rattlers, Catapult Leaders ASU, Catapult Leaders Tide…

We are looking for Brand Ambassadors to be social media managers to run these accounts centered around their college’s Black academic & extracurricular goings-on, inside and out.


• We want at least one social media manager in each college across the country managing the various social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

• This person should eat, sleep, and sweat social media and the internet. If you’re not yet a social media whiz; that’s okay. We value unique talents (video editing, graphic design, content, etc.) just as much as anything else.

Click HERE for more of what we’re looking for.

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At Catapult Leaders, our mission is to get great jobs & internships for Black college students, grad students, and recent graduates. As a Catapult Leaders Brand Ambassador, you will be a true extension of the brand on your college campus.

Why Become a Catapult Leaders Brand Ambassador?

  • You could earn college credit.
  • Gain critical leadership skills.
  • Build communication skills.
  • Photo/Video-shoot opportunities.
  • Network with school leaders and other successful students.
  • Gain transferable skills for the workplace.
  • Build your creativity skills.
  • Self-development and confidence-boosting.
  • Meeting new people and social benefits.
  • No experience necessary.
  • A flexible schedule.
  • An awesome resume booster.
  • The chance to build your network.
  • Opportunity to work directly with the senior managers of Catapult Leaders.

Brand Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Create Catapult Leaders content for social media channels
  • Attend on-campus events to showcase Catapult Leaders
  • Attend weekly calls and sessions with Catapult Leaders Management
  • Build brand awareness among college students, greek & academic organizations, clubs and teams of Catapult Leaders
  • Create social media content for your campus
  • Highlight campus activities via social media
  • Market at campus events to student groups, greek life, etc.
  • Make suggestions to Catapult Leaders

Click here to see  Catapult Leaders Brand Ambassador Program, Terms & Conditions.

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