The Biggest Mistake Companies Make with Black Employees

This episode of the Catapult Leaders podcast features Stephanie Cocumelli of Taproot Ventures, on the Diversity Wins! hot-seat answering 5 Questions in 5 Minutes from host Darryl L. Mobley. Season 4 / Episode 27.

The Objective: Broaden perspectives and share pathways to creating more diverse work spaces and equity of opportunity. Each episode of 5 Questions in 5 Minutes deals with tips, strategies, and hard-won wisdom regarding diversity and inclusion.

In this episode, Stephanie shares her answers and perspective in her answer to these questions:

1. If you were King or Queen for a day – what is the one most important thing you would do to create more diverse talent at the entry-level manager positions in major corporations?

2. Why are there still too few Black college students hired by America’s top companies?

3. How can companies create and sustain a culture that is so welcoming to all that the company extracts maximum value from – and provides maximum value to – employees from all cultures?

4. What is the biggest culture mistake major corporations make that makes working at the corporations a living hell for Black employees?

5. What role does the diverse employee play in sustaining a welcoming company culture?

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