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3-phase Executive+Company Matching System

Executive Search Recruitment

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Our laser-focused, proprietary process yields a powerful match between our recommended Executives and your job opening. 

Catapult Leaders – Executive is the only executive search firm with a singular focus on sourcing outstanding Black talent to fill junior manager to director to VP level positions. Our unique ability to fill your need for Black talent flows from the combination of our powerful & broad network, actual corporate management experience, mastery of Passive Candidate sourcing, and our proprietary 3-phase Executive+Company Matching System. This system leverages our unique leadership | behavioral | culture-fit | attitudinal | growth | functional competency interviews in assessing each recommended Candidate.

Catapult Leaders’ experienced team of executive search consultants takes a highly-focused and strategic approach to proactively recruiting experienced Black Candidates that meet our clients’ very specific management needs. We start by learning about your company’s talent goals, organization, and culture.

Our expert search team – led by Darryl L. Mobley, our CEO and co-creator of Better Manager University has broad knowledge of America’s best sources for Black talent, as well as brand/product management, marketing, sales, advertising, consumer insights, engineering, HR, logistics & supply chain, information technology, software engineering, manufacturing, and finance – and the functional capabilities needed to be a highly successful contributor and leader in each of these disciplines.

Only outstanding Candidates inspired by your unique opportunity and possessing the right level of technical expertise, cultural fit, and ability to lead, are presented to you.

You will receive the Candidate’s résumé and our detailed CL-360° report that provides insights into each person’s strengths, leadership & career potential, development needs, and potential fit with your organization.

We guarantee that any Candidate recommended by Catapult Leaders will be a great match with your requirements, a fit with your corporate culture, and a strong contributor and leader.

We communicate with you throughout the process to keep you informed about our progress in matching your needs.

Once a successful placement is made, Catapult Leaders will schedule and conduct periodic calls with you to discuss the status of any hired Candidates sourced by Catapult Leaders.

In addition, Catapult Leaders’ career coaches will also be available to provide career coaching to each new hire sourced via Catapult Leaders.

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