Does Your Company’s LinkedIn Page Turn-Off Diverse Candidates?

by Catapult Leaders 



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Why “90 Seconds”? Because it doesn’t take long to get it right.

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Let’s talk about what your company’s LinkedIn page communicates to diverse candidates.

92% of diverse job applicants check out your company’s LinkedIn business page to get a feel for the company culture.

Here is a good, a bad, and an ugly example of how company LinkedIn pages present themselves to diverse talent.

The Good:

Visibly diverse employees in leadership positions

The Bad:

Your Company’s Page shows only one type of diversity

The Ugly:

Lack of diversity in the “top leadership” jobs

Guilty of the bad and ugly?

That means you have a great starting point from which to improve.

Get your LinkedIn Company Page right because it is very difficult – and I speak from experience – for Catapult Leaders to convince outstanding diverse talent that your company is not what it shows itself to be on LinkedIn.

An off-putting LinkedIn page does not scream meritocracy.

That’s a system that needs to be fixed.

Don’t want your sympathy. Understanding is a start.

That’s it. 90 Seconds comes at you fast!

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