Nobody Leaves Heaven: Everyone Tries to Leave Hell (How to Make Your Company More Inclusive)

Nobody Leaves Heaven: Everybody Tries to Leave Hell (How to Make Your Company More Inclusive) – a Catapult Leaders Podcast hosted by Darryl L. Mobley, with special guests Morgan Brewton-Johnson and Jasmine S. Mobley. [Click the video arrow above to see/hear the podcast.]

In this episode of the Catapult Leaders Podcast, Darryl interviews young, high-achieving professionals who bring fresh ideas that reveal how your company can become more inclusive and welcoming to Black employees. Topics include:  

1. What Company Leaders Should Do To Make Their Companies More Inclusive and Welcoming to Black Employees.

2. Specific action steps Black Employees Must Take in Order to Make Their Company More Inclusive and Welcoming.

3. Why the CEO is often lied to on these topics.

4. Why the “lowered curb” makes the company better for everyone.

5. The relationship between great bosses and accountability.

6. The importance of being authentic at work.

7. Actual examples of how bias impacts hiring and retention.

8. The two choices you have if you find yourself at a company where you cannot be authentic.

9. Why you must have soft and hard personal boundaries.

10. If your company has trouble hiring or retaining Black managers, your company has a problem that needs to be fixed. Nobody wants to leave heaven. Everyone tries to get out of hell.

11. Much, much more!

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