Unilever Got It Right. Who’s Next?

by Catapult Leaders 


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Unilever got it right when it comes to attracting and retaining female managers. Who’s next?

In 2020 Unilever celebrated that they had achieved their target of a 50/50 gender balance in managers by making changes to break down any barriers to the recruitment, retention and development of women.

Those changes included:

1. Improving gender representation is written into the annual business goals for the company’s leadership.

2. Setting stretch targets for every function within Unilever. Leadership checks progress against these targets every month.

3. Measuring the recruitment track records of senior leaders – – how many men they hired compared to women, and confronted them.

4. Unilever started working with recruitment specialists to build proactive talent pipelines.

I applaud Unilever for their results. 

My challenge to companies is to apply this focus to hiring Black managers.

I said “Black” managers, not “People of Color.”

Too often, “People of Color” is a mask that leads to corporations not hiring, developing, or promoting Black talent.

If you doubt me, check out the Black hiring & retention statistics over the past 5 years for those companies that trumpet their People of Color numbers without revealing their Black hiring & retention numbers.

That’s not meritocracy.

That’s a system that needs to be fixed.

Don’t want your sympathy. Understanding is a start.

But wait – There’s more!

Why not follow the same plan for attracting and retaining Black managers for the pipeline?

Use Unilever’s approach to significantly improve your attracting, hiring, and retention of outstanding Black managers.

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