Do Your Homework!

Worst Interview Mistake #1

by Catapult Leaders

It’s pretty obvious that every person seeking a job should do solid research on the company they’re applying with.  But, we’ve been involved in thousands of interviews and we know that the worst interview mistake often made is…

Not Doing Research on the Company

For many hiring managers, the first question they ask is: What do you know about our company?

Sadly, the majority of applicants didn’t do enough research on the company to give a coherent answer.

And, this is why most applicants lose.

Companies (and industries) are different from each other. They face different challenges and have different goals. Applicants who do not respect the hiring process or the job opportunity enough to do enough research to understand the company, deserve to be rejected by the hiring manager.

If you research properly, you will be able to tell the hiring manager why you (as compared to all the other applicants) are a fit with what the company needs.

What can you do to research the company?

  1. Check out the company’s website and type the company’s name into your browser.
  2. Get a feel for their key products.
  3. Get an understanding of their culture.
  4. Get a handle on their business priorities.
  5. Get a clear view of the challenges they face overall and in the area you seek to enter.
  6. Look up the interviewer on LinkedIn. Check out their interests and priorities.
  7. Check out the company’s business page on LinkedIn.

What can you do to research the industry?

  1. Type the industry name into your browser.
  2. Type the “industry name + wall street journal” into your browser.
  3. Check out the industry’s major convention websites to see what topics are hot.
  4. Join industry groups on LinkedIn and observe the issues that most animate the members.

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Now you know the first worst interview mistake. Be a star and do your homework before your next interview. Also, stay on the lookout for Worst Interview Mistake #2.

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