No Experience? No Problem! Here Are the Jobs For You.

by Catapult Leaders 

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Top 5 Jobs for College Graduates with Limited Work Experience

It’s been four long hard years of studying and doing your best to get great grades while building up your experience with internships, projects and fulfilling extracurricular activities. Now, the day of reckoning is almost upon you. Graduation and your first full time job.

As you apply for jobs, you’re finding that some entry level positions actually have a requirement for full time work experience. What?! [Check out what Catapult Leaders’ management thinks about this – HERE.]

You want to choose your first job carefully. Choosing the right role can really launch your career. The right company will provide proper training that can set you up for future roles. Your first company may also be a recognized leader in their field, which will help to make you a hot commodity should you decide to move to another company in the future. 

Here are the top 5 jobs that 2022 college graduates with limited work experience should consider as they begin their job search. (All salary numbers are as of the writing of this article.)

Software Engineer – Entry level software engineers are entering an exciting and very competitive field. They will be asked to develop software for a myriad of applications depending on the industry.  Software engineers also plan and document product releases, install and train users on new products. This position requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering and knowledge of javascript, HTML and CSS, and often C++. Perhaps you’ll create the next Google. The average starting salary for a software engineer is $76,000.

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Mechanical Engineer – Starting out, mechanical engineers usually design and build prototypes of devices. They also test for issues with existing machinery and present solutions for the problems they discover. This position requires a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. The average starting salary for mechanical engineers is $66,000.

Electrical Engineer – Entry level electrical engineers train with senior level engineers to evaluate electrical systems, components and applications. Over time, they learn to design electrical systems. This job requires a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Electrical engineering starting salaries average $68,000.

Social Media Manager – Companies are open to accepting a variety of bachelor’s degrees for entry level social media roles. What is key is being able to think strategically about messaging and the ability to create the perfect message to engage the target consumer. The average starting salary for a social media manager is $45,000.

Marketing Assistant – You will see marketing assistants with a variety of different bachelor’s degrees – usually in the Arts and Humanities. Marketing assistants are usually focused on executing the marketing strategy and recommending ideas to increase sales and awareness.  Marketing assistant starting salaries average $45,000.

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