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Corporate America  has made the above assertion for the past 35 years.

But, talent is not limited to certain cultures, incomes, neighborhoods, or skin colors. As such, we know that there is something lacking in existing search/placement resources throughout Corporate America.

The existing approaches used by Corporate America to recruit Black employees don’t work because they are superficial. This superficiality means Black candidates are not identified, cultivated, and hired on the basis of the content of their character.  Instead, they have been unseen largely because of the color of their skin.

This ends now.

Catapult Leaders has identified those deeper human characteristics associated with Black employees, teammates, and leaders who have achieved success in Corporate America.

We have developed partnerships, embraced technologies, refined processes, and leveraged tools that allow soon-to-graduate Black college & grad students to self-identify on the basis of those qualities which drive success in the business world.

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Our model fuses the qualities of technical competencies with the personal values that traditional in-house and external talent recruitment completely ignore.

We have organized these qualities & values against a framework of positive power— the power to know, the power to help, the power to create, the power to become, the power to persist, and the power to succeed.

We have evolved the meaning of this positive “Black power” in a manner that captures its benefits to companies, organizations, and the culture at large.

Catapult Leaders links those drivers of peak performance with the credo, culture, and needs of our client companies that seek to hire talent.

We are tough, pragmatic business leaders who challenge the status quo.  We do not accept the failed approaches of the past as the pathway to our futures.

We seek to attract, develop, and motivate an elite corps of Black college student-candidates from all across America to join Corporate America (in a manner inspired by Ernest Shackleton’s legendary ad seeking to attract others for his expedition). Catapult Leaders’ ad is…

“Outstanding Black college students wanted for amazing journey in Corporate America. High wages, challenging opportunities, long hours, change is constant.  Toughness required. Great success, fulfillment, and sense of accomplishment are possible.”

The Catapult Leaders program operates with eternal values and precision — service to others before self and excellence in all things. Catapult Leaders combines rigorous selection with our proprietary training, orientation, development, and student+job matching process.

Our ultimate aim is nothing short of being a school and a source for the heroic business leaders of the future. What delivers at this level of ambition is a vision of the greater context. Then, the impossible becomes possible.

The Time For A Reset Is Now


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Catapult Leaders’ purpose is to get talented Black college & grad students the very best jobs that match their interests, skills, preparation, and potential with the needs of top companies. Click HERE to see how we do it better than anyone else.