Affurmative Action from Travis Wood on Vimeo.

“Affurmative Action” Film


I like my dog. But, wow! The blindspots showcased on most “Meet the Team” pages are revealing and harmful.

Question: Why does Catapult Leaders love engaging with client companies?

Answer: Check out this short film, “Affurmative Action” – an official selection at SXSW Film Festival.

From Travis Wood, the filmmaker:

Companies bring dogs to the team, long before hiring Black people.

Hat tip to Fahad Khawaja for:

There is no talent pipeline problem. The problem is with companies and hiring managers not actively recruiting and retaining [Black] talent.

From Catapult Leaders:

Show the truth and shame the devil.

Catapult Leaders is America’s leading executive search firm that exclusively sources Black Mid-to-Senior level managers, Junior Military Officers, Early Career talent, and College Interns – for Engineering, Supply Chain, Computer & Data Science, and Marketing & Advertising roles – with top companies that value a diverse pipeline, equity, and inclusion.

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