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Catapult Leaders’
Professional Growth Potential Assessment

One of the most powerful assets provided by Catapult Leaders to student applicants is the Professional Growth Potential Assessment™.  The Professional Growth Potential Assessment is 100% real-talk about the student’s goals, skills, education, opportunities for improvement, interests, and accomplishments. Students interested in joining the Catapult Leaders program ask:

  • “Do I have a real chance at being hired by a top company?” Click Here to see info on this.
  • “How much might I be paid?”
  • “What can I do while in college to improve my chances of getting a great job?”
  • “Which career is right for me?”
  • “How will my grades affect the jobs I get?”
  • “What’s it like being Black in Corporate America?”
  • “Will my being on my college’s sports team help me get a great job?”
  • “How do I do my résumé?”
  • “Will the Catapult Leaders program interfere with my college life?”

Professional Growth Potential Assessment with Catapult Leaders will answer all of those questions and a lot more.  Every Student-Candidate leaves their session with a much more real sense of the amazing opportunities available in Corporate America and detailed action-plan elements that will allow them to achieve their goals. Students get this incredible information whether or not they decide to allow Catapult Leaders to help them achieve their career dreams.

Here is how you prepare for your Professional Growth Potential Assessment:

  • 1st – Create your Profile via the Catapult Leaders application. This includes completing the application and uploading your unofficial academic transcripts.
  • 2nd – Listen to Catapult Leaders’, “What Every Black College Student Should Know About A Career in Corporate America” podcast. You will get more info on this during the application process.
  • 3rdCheck out Catapult Leaders’ blogs.

With this preparation you will be able contribute to, and get the most from, your Professional Growth Potential Assessment.

Your Professional Growth Potential Assessment be done online and via Zoom (or like platform). During your Professional Growth Potential Assessment:

  • You will be asked your thoughts about the “What Every Black College Graduate Should Know About A Career in Corporate America” podcast.
  • You will be asked about your pre-graduation and post-graduation goals, your college activities & classes, your interests in business, your decision-making process, your achievements, your academic pursuits, things you like & dislike, and your biggest challenges.
  • You will be able to ask any questions you have related to working in Corporate America.
  • You will receive feedback on the opportunity to let Catapult Leaders help you succeed in getting a job in Corporate America.
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Catapult Leaders’ purpose is to get talented Black college & grad students the very best jobs that match their interests, skills, preparation, and potential with the needs of top companies.