Catapult Leaders Brand Ambassador

Catapult Leaders Wants You to Be a Brand Ambassador

TLDR – Become a Brand Ambassador for Catapult Leaders. Apply HERE.

Catapult Leaders Wants You

For What Exactly…?

Glad you asked. In our never-ending quest to connect with Black college students & recent graduates who want great, high-paying jobs & internships at top companies, Catapult Leaders is expanding its network and launching social media accounts for every college across the country. Think Catapult Leaders USC, Catapult Leaders LSU, Catapult Leaders Vandy, Catapult Leaders Rattlers, Catapult Leaders ASU…

We are looking for social media managers to run these accounts centered around their college’s Black academic & extracurricular goings-on, inside and out.


  • We want at least one social media manager in each college across the country managing the various social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • This person should eat, sleep, and sweat social media and the internet. If you’re not yet a social media whiz; that’s okay. We value unique talents (video editing, graphic design, content, etc.) just as much as anything else.
  • This person should have a good feel for what Catapult Leaders is and how social media platforms operate.
  • This person should know everything and anything that goes on at their respective college (fraternities, sororities, academic clubs & events, sports, funny news, campus events, spring break, viral videos, parties, socials, etc.).
  • This person should stay up-to-date on current trends in pop culture (memes, reality tv, slang, etc.). Bonus points if you know how to make graphics.
  • We want a creative person who is highly motivated on their own.
  • You could earn college credit and free merchandise. Also, this is great for Communications, Business, Marketing, Journalism, and Advertising majors. It’s also a great resume builder. (And we should know!)
  • As a Student Ambassador, you will get special attention from Catapult Leaders to help you get that great full-time job or internship.


Any 18+ year old, male or female student, at any college in the country.