Why Catapult Leaders’ Candidates Are
The Right Choice For Your Business

Catapult Leaders Secret Sauce


The Secret Sauce is Our Process



We Recruit Black College & Grad Students Who Are Exceptional

We recruit high-potential college & grad students and accept only the top 10-15% of those who apply. These Student-Candidates are leaders with track records of success, focus, determination, hard work, solving problems, grit, self-motivation, academic accomplishment, and learning agility.


Our Thorough Screening Process

We conduct our Personal Growth Potential Assessment, face-to-face behavioral interviews, analyze academic performance, extracurricular activities, interests, decision-making, and assess their overall potential for business leadership. We spend several hours per student and invest significant resources BEFORE we accept them as Student-Candidates in our program.


Catapult Leaders’ Career Catapult Development & Success Program

This comprehensive, multi-month business world preparation program (completed by all students accepted into our program) allows us to get to know our Student-Candidates on a deeper, more personal level and prepare them to enter Corporate America with a winning mindset and the habits of a key contributor.

The program uplevels each Student-Candidate’s capacity using:

  • Interview Preparation seminars.

  • One-on-one and group coaching.

  • Business Leadership Academy.

  • Webcasts & podcasts designed to increase business impact.

  • Successful translation of college academics and extracurricular experiences to the interview process.

  • In-depth study of Corporate America.

  • Industry-specific study.

  • Communication skills training.

  • Expert resume consultant works with each student to craft their Ultimate Resume.

  • 90 Day Fast-Start Strategies.

  • And much more!


The High-Level Commitment of Catapult Leaders’ Student-Candidates

  • Student-Candidates spend an average of 16 months in Catapult Leaders’ Career Catapult Development & Success Program before starting their careers in Corporate America.

  • They learn to effectively graduate from a college mindset to a mindset that is ready for the business world.

  • They evolve their leadership strengths for application to positions in Corporate America so that they can quickly enhance their level of contribution.


Catapult Leaders provides high-quality young talent that is a precise match with client company needs – and that diversifies the work force – leading to a more profitable, high-performing organization*

  • We spend considerable time making sure that we understand each client company’s specific job profile and talent needs. This allows us to use our unique 3-Phase Student+Company Matching System to best match the right students with the right positions & companies.

  • Great companies need great young talent in order to stay on top. And in today’s world, great talent that is diverse is a must.

  • 98+% of Catapult Leaders student candidates are Black Americans.


Our Highly Efficient Hiring Conferences

  • Allow each client-company to have private interviews scheduled with numerous high-quality candidates who have been recruited, prepared, and matched to the specific needs & wants of the client company.

  • Happen over a two-day span – virtually – conducive to quality engagement between prospects and interviewers.

*Research by McKinsey & Company shows that companies with more culturally and ethnically diverse management teams and boards were 33% and 43% more likely to see better-than-average profits, respectively. There is a very significant correlation between diversity and an organization’s performance. Why do more diverse organizations outperform their less diverse counterparts? It’s simple – diverse workplaces, management teams and boards are more innovative, make more complete business decisions, make better hiring decisions, and solve problems faster.

Catapult Leaders’ purpose is to get talented Black college & grad students the very best jobs that match their interests, skills, preparation, and potential with the needs of top companies. Click HERE to see how we do it better than anyone else.