Will You Get A Job?

Will You Be Hired By A Top Company?

We get lots of great questions from our Student-Candidates. These questions center around the following: How will my education and experiences be seen by Corporate America? How will I compete for jobs against other students? Will I get hired?
Those are the types of questions we seek to answer as we work to match our Student-Candidates with great jobs in Corporate America. The short answer to those questions is that there are several key elements that determine how likely a given student is to be judged and hired by a top company. The longer (and more correct) answer is…
You will be judged as a job applicant based on the following criteria. Each of these elements goes into our Professional Growth Potential Assessment of you. Nail these elements and you will have very strongly boosted your attractiveness to top companies. (Note: the criteria shown are not in any particular order.)
  • Your education: degree major
  • Your education: degree minor
  • Your college’s reputation
  • Your academic awards
  • Your military service
  • Your body language (eye contact, posture…)
  • Foreign languages you speak
  • Your ability to speak clearly
  • Your internships
  • Your knowledge of business
  • Your post-interview follow-up
  • Your social media presence
  • Your knowledge of their company and the job
  • Your level of commitment
  • Your level of self-confidence
  • Your Personal Brand
  • Your ability to articulate why you are right for the job
  • Your personality
  • If you were referred by a trusted source
  • Your history of self-motivation
  • Your integrity
  • Your potential for future growth as a business leader
  • Your prior jobs
  • Your involvement in college clubs & organizations
  • Your volunteer activities
  • Your grades in college courses
  • Your LinkedIn presentation
  • Your match with the job profile
  • Your location flexibility
  • Your social activities
  • Your leadership experiences
  • Your résumé quality
  • Your achievements in sports
  • Your ability as an interviewee
  • Your track record of success
  • Your presentation skills
  • Your history of taking initiative
  • Your extracurricular activities
  • Your educational endeavors outside of assigned school work
  • Your knowledge of technology tools
As you can see, getting a job right out of college with a top company is much more than a notion!
We can properly assess your attractiveness to top companies through our Professional Growth Potential Assessment and other processes. The Professional Growth Potential Assessment is an important early step in working with Catapult Leaders. Take advantage of Catapult Leaders’ experienced review of your résumé, and perspective on your level of attractiveness to top companies.
The Professional Growth Potential Assessment is free of charge and comes with no obligation to Catapult Leaders.

Catapult Leaders’ purpose is to get talented Black college & grad students the very best jobs that match their interests, skills, preparation, and potential with the needs of top companies.