“Many Talk. Few Do. Which Are You?”

Hello Friend! 

The Journey To Your Best, Happiest Life Starts With What You Do Today. Do Something! Every Single Day! Live Your Best Life!

One Thing To Stop or Start

The great Arthur Ashe wins at Wimbledon

The great Arthur Ashe wins at Wimbledon.

START doing something EACH DAY that makes you better, or happier, or smarter, or healthier, or stronger, or more flexible, or more balanced, or richer… It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as doing it leads you to become (say it with me) better, or happier, or smarter, or healthier, or stronger, or more flexible, or more balanced, or richer…or whatever is good for you!

The key to consistently winning at the game of life is not talent. The key to consistently winning is having a great plan, and executing that plan. Talent is just along for the ride.

A great plan does not need to be complicated. Most often, simple is better.

For example, I am starting today with doing 100 crunches and 100 squats every day for the month of May. 100 crunches. 100 squats. Every Day. That’s very simple. I’m betting that sticking to my simple plan will lead me to desired physical results. This “plan” is so simple that it does not matter how I feel on this or that day. I don’t have to over think. I just need to make myself do these simple things. The goal will be reached. The results will be gained. Just do the plan every day.

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What will you start doing today and every day for the rest of this month? What’s your simple plan?

– Will you write that book you’ve been thinking on for years, by writing 1-2 pages every day?
– Will you learn how to master the art of baking by baking cupcakes every day? (If so, invite me over!)
– Will you grow the love in your family by telling every member of your family that you love them morning and evening, every day?
– Will you improve your key relationship by telling the person – every day – why they mean so much to you?
– Will you finally finish the books in your library by reading for 15 minutes every day?

Let’s get better, or happier, or smarter, or healthier, or stronger, or more flexible, or more balanced, or richer… together. We can come out of our challenges – – better than ever! 

Before Your Head Hits The Pillow Tonight

Write – before your head hits the pillow tonight – out your daily schedule of what time(s) you will “do” your plan, every day for the next 30 days.

A Quote I’m Embracing

Let this quote marinate with you for a moment: “Many talk. Few do.” Are you among the many? Or the few? Let’s be among the few. Let’s do. Join me in this focus. Together, we win.

A Worldview I’m Challenging

I am challenging the notion that we will not get back to “normal” after the current challenges. Why am I challenging this? Because I don’t find having a “master” to be attractive. Yielding to the challenges – when we have not yielded to the many others that afflict humans – is not an option. Playing scared never leads to winning. We each have faced much more challenging things in our lives. When you are convinced (or coerced) to live in fear, you live without freedom. Tell the fearmongers to step off. This too, will pass. Live to your goals. Love to your dreams. Do the work.

Something to Sing

Sometimes doing “the thing” every day is challenging. You may wish to give up, to back down, to give in. I advise you to never quit. When you need a little boost, check out Remember The Name by the group, Fort Minor. Along with the strong beat, the lyrics will give you chills: “10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain, And 100% reason to remember the name.” If you don’t know the song, ask your kids. Click HERE for the clean version. Click HERE for the original version. This song is great to exercise to. It also puts a little juice in your tank. Do things such that you give them a reason to remember your name!

One more thing.

“In life, you don’t get what’s fair,
you don’t get what’s good,
you don’t get what’s nice,
you don’t get what you deserve,
you don’t get what you wish for,
and – you do not get what you need.
In life, my friend, you get what you do. Period.
Make the person in the mirror (that’s you!) do the right things and you will win at the game of life.”

The Best is Yet to Come. Enjoy Life!

Darryl L. Mobley
CEO of Catapult Leaders
Life & Executive Coach

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