“I Don’t Know If You Will Make It To The Promised Land.”

Hello Friend! 

“Will You Make It To The Promised Land and Live Your Best Life?”

“What You Believe About Yourself Determines Your Outcomes and Your Happiness… in Personal Relationships and Professionally!”

Live Your Best Life!

One Thing To Stop or Start

I got a note from a friend this morning that posed a question to me that led to today’s note to you. Here goes.

Start Believing The Right Things About Yourself and you will be happier, more professionally successful, and you will commit far fewer self-inflicted wounds to yourself and to your key relationships.

If the results you are getting in one or more areas of your life are consistently not what you want, evaluate what you believe about yourself.

Here are 8 questions – that if answered honestly by you – will allow you to understand your outcomes. Make changes in your beliefs and live the right answers to these questions and you will more often create the outcomes you want.

1. Do you 100% believe in yourself?
2. Do you believe more in external forces or your internal force?
3. Do you 100% believe that you have the ability to achieve your personal and professional goals?
4. Do you believe that your goals have high value to you?
5. Do you believe in chasing goals that impress others or chasing goals that impress you?
6. Do you believe in “self-mastery” as a core approach to your life?
7. Do you believe in “changing the [person] in the mirror,” or that others must change first – – in order for you to be successful & happy?
8. Do you believe in independent thinking or do you operate on the belief that your membership in a particular tribe precludes you from questioning the behavior or thinking that has been approved by that tribe?  
Contact me if you want a sounding board to help you work through the questions, your answers, and your outcomes. What you Believe determines your dominant Thoughts which determine your Actions which determines whether you Win or Lose at the game of life.
Show me your outcomes – in your key relationship(s), in your professional life – and I know your actual beliefs.

Before Your Head Hits The Pillow Tonight

Decide – before your head hits the pillow tonight – on the one belief that you will change effective the moment you wake up tomorrow.

A Book I’m Reading

I am re-reading The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz. This book inspires me to think bigger about my life, my businesses, my family, my friends, my goals…  You and I can do more, do better, do bigger… Give it a read and let me know your take.

A Quote I’m Embracing

I’m all-in on this quote, “It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees!” by Emiliano Zapata, a leading figure in the Mexican Revolution. I think it’s important to remember this in the face of all the hysteria being thrown around now. Join me in this focus. Together, we win.

A Worldview I’m Challenging

I am challenging the notion in Martin Luther King’s, “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech, that one day we will all get to the promised land. Why am I challenging this? Because my observation is that not everyone will do what is necessary to get to their promised land, to live their best life. Not everyone is willing to pay the entry fee that their best life requires. Will you pay the fee? Live to your goals. Love to your dreams. Do the work.

Something to Sing

Hi there! I’m on my way. I’m making it! That starts today’s megahit and dance favorite song (Big Time) by the uber-creative Peter Gabriel. This motivating song gets in you with its sheer lyrical audacity. Example: My heaven will be a big heaven. And I will walk through the front door!” (If you are one of those who hit my parties or ran with me back in the day, this song will be very familiar to you. Let’s keep it rolling.) I’m always trying to program myself to be positive. How about you?

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One more thing:

“In life, you don’t get what’s fair,
you don’t get what’s good,
you don’t get what’s nice,
you don’t get what you deserve,
you don’t get what you wish for,
and – you do not get what you need.
In life, my friend, you get what you do. Period.
Make the person in the mirror (that’s you!) do the right things and you will win at the game of life.”

The Best is Yet to Come. Enjoy Life!

Darryl L. Mobley
CEO – Catapult Leaders
Life & Executive Coach

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