We help small & mid-sized business leaders improve upon or create their D.E.I. efforts with our expert diversity leadership – in the form of the highest level, non-full time diversity executive – Your Outsourced Chief Diversity Officer. See our services below.

YOUR OUTSOURCED CHIEF DIVERSITY OFFICER  |  Functional D.E.I.™ Audit & Blueprint  |  Functional D.E.I. Systems Map

Your Outsourced Chief Diversity Officer

Price: Inquire during Discovery Session. Quarter-to-quarter. No long-term contracts.

For small and medium-sized businesses, it typically doesn’t make sense to hire a full-time Chief Diversity Officer.

Your Outsourced Chief Diversity Officer is a diversity, equity, and inclusion leader who can step into your organization and fulfill the most critical functions of the Chief Diversity Officer role. Hiring Your Outsourced Chief Diversity Officer means that you can have a robust diversity strategy developed and deployed without having to pay for a full-time C-suite employee and his/her staff. Your Outsourced Chief Diversity Officer can identify the right D.E.I. strategy and plans for your organization based on your goals, ensure the right team members are onboard to achieve the outcomes, and lead those team members as appropriate.

Your Outsourced Chief Diversity Officer will blend the expertise, energy, enthusiasm, experience, and gravitas necessary to achieve your D.E.I. goals.

By spending ten hours a week focused on your organization, Your Outsourced Chief Diversity Officer can work with Executive and Business Unit Leaders to accomplish a number of the following, as determined by the company’s leadership:

Your Outsourced Chief Diversity Officer
  • Work with company leadership to develop the organization’s D.E.I. strategic plan
  • Develop specific goals and action steps for the D.E.I. Strategic Plan
  • Translate the CEO & Board’s direction and vision into D.E.I. strategic plans & goals
  • Define the key resources (training, legal, compliance) the business needs to reach its goals
  • Assist HR in finding, interviewing and managing qualified talent to achieve D.E.I. goals
  • Report weekly to the CEO and Board on all KPIs mutually defined as important
  • Continually innovate ways to reach D.E.I. goals
  • Assess the current state of D.E.I. at the company
  • Define/refine the company’s D.E.I. objectives
  • Help guide the education, learning and development initiatives needed for both managers and employees to meet the company’s D.E.I. goals
  • Develop D.E.I. strategies and measures to put the company’s talent acquisition and retention goals into action
  • Provide subject-matter-expertise to teams across the organization, bringing answers to the toughest diversity questions
  • Coach leaders responsible for developing D.E.I. strategies to hire and retain the best talent
  • Mentor leaders managing diverse talent to help them build an inclusive environment and develop high-performing, promotable team members
  • Help guide reporting and analytics that measure progress in hiring, retention and career growth based on D.E.I. efforts
  • Track improvements in the organization’s performance, employee retention, and customer perception
  • Determine benefits to company from initiating a D.E.I. Strategic Plan
  • Align internal & external activities with the company’s Mission & Vision and the D.E.I. Strategic Plan
  • Engage closely with the company’s Talent Acquisition organization to refine and measure the company’s approaches to hiring leadership, professional, and emerging talent
  • Help lead the implementation of the company’s D.E.I. strategy and integration across each of the company’s functions
  • Develop strategic partnerships with the company’s senior executives across functions and businesses throughout the organization
  • Develop relationships with external partners and professional organizations to advance the company’s D.E.I. goals
  • Work with the company’s senior leadership to balance the desire/need for broad change with an understanding of how much change the organization is capable of handling, in order to create realistic goals and implementation plans that are achievable and successful
  • Maintain a collaborative style to work with others openly and transparently to create an environment where diverse viewpoints are valued, and information is shared with others for the purposes of achieving the shared D.E.I. goals
  • Lead development of the Functional D.E.I.Audit & Blueprint for your company (see detail on this service below)
  • Develop the Functional D.E.I.Systems Map for your company (see detail on this service below)

Functional D.E.I. Audit & Blueprint

Price: Starting at $5,500 or provided as part of the Your Outsourced Chief Diversity Officer engagement

Our proprietary methodology, the Functional D.E.I.Audit & Blueprint, is proven to improve your current D.E.I. programs & results. It uses metrics-driven decision-making and Your Outsourced Chief Diversity Officer’s expertise to reach your business goals.

All progress begins with measuring where the business is and where you want the business to go. In this 90-minute audit, a Functional D.E.I. ™ Strategist will dive deep into your current D.E.I. activities and progress and provide clear direction on what needs to be improved in order to help your business reach its goals. The Audit & Blueprint begins with a questionnaire for you and your team to fill out, including questions about current and past D.E.I. efforts, KPIs, 1-year goals, 2-year goals, 5-year goals, and more.

The Functional D.E.I. ™ Strategist will review your answers and formulate a list of questions that they will send to you several days before you meet virtually for the Audit. During the virtual meeting, the Strategist will ask further clarifying questions and then, subsequently, present their thoughts and findings. Upon completion of the call, a full report will be sent detailing key action steps your company should make in order to improve your D.E.I. outcomes.

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Functional DEI Audit & Blueprint

Functional D.E.I. Systems Map

Functional D.E.I.Systems Map
Price: Formerly provided separately starting at $25,000. Effective 2/2/2021, this service is only provided as part of Your Outsourced Chief Diversity Officer engagement

What D.E.I. initiatives should you be conducting? Who on your team should be involved in your D.E.I. initiatives? What is your competition doing? How can your company fully leverage D.E.I. to accelerate your company’s growth, improve employee satisfaction, increase productivity, attract top talent, increase profitability, etc?

These questions can’t be answered during one 90-minute phone call; they require thoughtful conversations with key people on your team and a deep understanding of your business and your goals. The Functional D.E.I.Systems Map is a comprehensive review of your business; your current and past D.E.I. campaigns; your team and their capabilities; your competitors; your company’s performance vs. best practices for your industry; and much more.

During the Functional D.E.I.™ Systems Map process, your leadership team will be taken through 1, 2, and 5-year planning sessions, mutually defining what the future will need to look like in order to be on track to hit your goals. Key Performance Indicators will be calculated. Your current D.E.I. map will be detailed graphically. Then, Your Outsourced Chief Diversity Officer will spend time creating an improved map that provides your company a pathway to achieve your D.E.I. goals.

The final deliverable for the Functional D.E.I.™ Systems Map is a comprehensive documentation of:

Foundational DEI Systems Map
  • A clear understanding of where your business is today, where it needs to be in 1, 2, and 5 years, and what needs to happen in the next 90-180 days to get there
  • The definitions of Diversity | Equity | Inclusion as they apply to the company
  • Inventory of current Diversity | Equity | Inclusion efforts
  • Report on the company’s Diversity | Equity | Inclusion efforts
  • Recommendations to make internal policies and practices more inclusive and equitable
  • Report on the company’s work against best practices in the industry and suggested areas of improvement
  • Outline of the Business Case for Diversity | Equity | Inclusion for the company
  • Mission and Vision Statements that include the company’s Diversity | Equity | Inclusion focus
  • Detailed goals for the company’s Diversity | Equity | Inclusion Strategic Action Plan.
  • Detailed Action Steps and Timelines to achieve each goal of the company’s Strategic Action Plan for Diversity | Equity | Inclusion
  • Recommendations to make policies and practices more inclusive, equitable, and appealing to the audience the company seeks to attract and serve
  • Key Performance Indicators for the company’s Strategic Action Plan for Diversity | Equity | Inclusion

The Functional D.E.I.™ Systems Map will give you clarity on what Your Outsourced Chief Diversity Officer will do, and with whom, in order to leverage the growth power of effective D.E.I.

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